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Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • Luke surrenders to Darth Vader. That was quick.
  • Luke tells Vader that he hasn't given up on him, and that he knows Anakin is still in there somewhere. Vader disagrees.
  • Luke says that's why Vader didn't kill him before when he had the chance, and that's why Vader won't turn him over to The Emperor now.
  • Luke persists, telling his dad to search his true feelings. Darth Vader says it's too late for him, and turns Luke over to a pack of stormtroopers so they can take him to The Emperor.
  • Whoops. Guess Luke misjudged that whole "Dad won't send me to The Emperor" thing.
  • Back on Endor, Han, Leia, and their gang get ready to infiltrate the control bunker for the Death Star's defensive shield. The Ewoks help plot their course.
  • Meanwhile, Lando prepares to attack the Death Star. He tells his co-pilot, Nien Nunb, not to worry; Han will have the shield down in time.
  • Cut back to Endor. The command bunker is guarded by stormtroopers. One of the Ewoks steals a nearby speeder bike, and three of the stormtroopers chase him, leaving a lone guard for Han and his crew to dispose of. They head inside the bunker.
  • Over on the Death Star, Darth Vader presents Luke to The Emperor. The Emperor starts talking. A lot. Because he's a villain.
  • First, he tells Luke that one day Luke will call him Master. Luke disagrees; he's not like his dad. The Emperor says he has a lot to learn.
  • Next, The Emperor tells Luke his faith in his friends is his weakness. This is after Luke tells The Emperor that his weakness is his overconfidence. Darth Vader hands Luke's lightsaber over to The Emperor.
  • Finally, The Emperor tells Luke that his friends are walking into a trap. He knew they were coming, and the deflector shield will be working a-okay.
  • Cut to Han and his gang infiltrating the shield's control bunker. It goes pretty well until the Imperial backup squad arrives. Han's busted.
  • Lando moves his fighters into attack position. They can't get a read on whether the shield is up or down because it's being jammed. "It's a trap!" shouts Admiral Ackbar.
  • The Imperial fleet attacks Lando's fleet. The Emperor makes Luke watch from inside the Death Star.
  • When he spots Luke eyeing his lightsaber, The Emperor tells Luke to take it, give in to his anger, and smack him up. Luke refuses. The Emperor tells Luke it's his destiny to turn into a ball of hate like his dad; he can't stop it.
  • Han and his posse are led out of the shield command bunker and find a massive collection of Imperial baddies waiting for them: so much for that mission.
  • Wait, though—here come the Ewoks. Aided by His Phony Holiness, C-3PO, they launch a surprise attack.
  • They may use Stone Age weaponry, but their offensive is on point. Sometimes literally. They really like arrows and spears.

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