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Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

  • Lando and his fighters continue to wage war against the Imperial fleet, but some of the Imperial destroyers are just hanging out and not really doing anything. Lando wonders why.
  • Back in the Imperial command center, it's explained that that's The Emperor's plan. He doesn't want Lando and his squad to escape because he has something special planned for them.
  • Yeesh. That doesn't sound good at all.
  • Turns out that the surprise is that the Death Star is operational. It fires on the Rebels.
  • On Endor, the Ewoks continue their assault while R2-D2 helps Han and Leia get back into the shield bunker.
  • R2-D2 gets electrocuted trying to crack the bunker's lock, but he's fine.
  • Lando turns the Rebel fleet's attention toward the Imperial destroyers, figuring it's easier than attacking the Death Star, and at least they can knock out, well, somebody. Plus, it'll buy Han some time at the bunker.
  • Back to the Death Star. The Emperor continues taunting Luke, telling him all of his friends are going to die, and trying to goad him into getting angry. He once again tells Luke to take his lightsaber, and go full Dark Side on him.
  • Luke snags his lightsaber and swipes at The Emperor only to have his attack countered, and not by The Emperor. Could it be… Daddy Darth?
  • Everybody's still fighting on Endor, and it looks like the Ewoks are winning. They're small, but they're mighty.
  • As Han continues trying to pick the bunker's lock, Leia gets shot in the shoulder. Then they're seized upon by stormtroopers.
  • The stormtroopers don't see that Leia's packing heat, and she takes them out. An AT-AT ambles up, but it turns out it's Chewbacca inside, not another Imperial goon. Han tells Chewie he has an idea.
  • On the Death Star, Luke and Darth Vader battle with their lightsabers. The Emperor stays in his chair and acts like the worst cheerleader ever, encouraging Luke to use his aggression and let his hate flow through him.
  • Luke powers down his lightsaber, and Darth Vader tells Luke that Obi-Wan has taught him well. We're pretty sure that's a dig at Obi-Wan.
  • Luke tells Vader that he won't fight him. Vader tells Luke it was pretty dumb to lower his defenses. Then he starts attacking again. This father-son duo has serious issues.
  • Luke counters Darth Vader's attack, and they continue fighting. Luke tells his dad that he's all talk; he can feel the good in him, and he can sense that he's conflicted.
  • Vader says there is no conflict. Also, he thinks Luke totally underestimates the power of the Dark Side.
  • Darth Vader swings at the bridge Luke is standing on, bringing it, and his son, crashing down. The Emperor gets on his feet and starts chuckling.

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