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Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • On the heavily forested ground of Endor, Luke, Leia, Han, Chewbacca, the droids, and the rest of their entourage sneak through the woods. They spot some Imperial stormtroopers and decide to split up. They need to take those guys out so they don't tell the whole army that they're there.
  • Han and Chewbacca head in to disarm the stormtroopers all stealth-like, but it doesn't go smoothly. Luke and Leia follow. When two of the stormtroopers race off on speeder bikes, Luke and Leia hop on another bike and follow them.
  • Leia steers, and Luke is a total backseat driver. They run one of the stormtroopers into a tree, knocking him off his bike, and Luke takes it. Then two more stormtroopers pull out like cops who just caught somebody doing 85 m.p.h. on their radar.
  • Luke and Leia take down all of the stormtroopers, but Leia is knocked off her bike in the process and lands on the forest floor.
  • Luke catches up with Han and Chewbacca's crew, but is bummed to find that Leia hasn't come back yet. They head out to search for her.
  • Meanwhile, an Ewok named Wicket stumbles across Leia and pokes her with a spear, waking her up.
  • Brain Snack: The warrior teddy bears, a.k.a., the Ewoks, are never actually referred to by name in the movie.
  • Wicket is suspicious of Leia. She gives him some food and they become buds. Then somebody starts shooting at them.
  • A pair of stormtroopers descends on Leia, but, with Wicket's help, she takes them out. They head off into the woods, Wicket leading the way.
  • Back on the Death Star, Darth Vader checks in with The Emperor. Vader tells him that a small rebel force has gotten past the shield and landed on Endor. Also, Luke's with them.
  • The Emperor tells Darth Vader to chill. Luke will come to him, and his compassion for Darth Vader will be his undoing.
  • This Emperor dude sure seems to think he has his gnarled old finger on the pulse when it comes to what's happening in the galaxy.

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