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The Rocky Horror Picture Show Point of View

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Point of View

Can't Turn Back

The first time you see The Rocky Horror Picture Show, you're an outsider looking in. But before you know it, you've tugged on your fishnets and applied more eyeliner than Katy Perry uses during an entire concert tour.

Your journey mimics that of Brad and Janet, the unsuspecting "normal" kids from Texas who find themselves in a weird castle full of weirdos before becoming weird weirdos themselves. That's why the movie follows them from beginning to end, and always takes their point of view.

Perhaps the best way to illustrate this is with the Time Warp. When they see it for the first time, they don't dance along…and chances are you didn't either the first time you saw it. But through the magic of video, you can replay it, like you're in a time warp. That lets you put your outer Brad or Janet aside, and let your inner Frank-N-Furter come out and bust a move.

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