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The Rocky Horror Picture Show The Elevator

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The Elevator

In Case of Emergency, Use Stairs

The elevator in Frank's castle looks super cool. Who wouldn't want an old fashioned elevator in their place? Even if you only have one floor, the wrought iron bars would look amazing. Plus, stepping out of that cage wearing a sparkly bustier is a way to make one seriously exciting entrance.

The elevator's the main method of transportation in Frank's house. It takes people from the foyer and ballroom area into the lab. But the lab isn't in the basement. It's actually a level above everything else. Frank isn't ashamed of his experiments, and he doesn't feel a need to hide them underground.

The elevator allows Frank to move between the different planes of his house, but not everyone is as free as Frank is. In one scene, he uses the elevator to briefly hold Rocky hostage while Frank goes off to kill Eddie. Rocky freaks out being trapped inside, like a dog who doesn't want to go to the vet…and Frank has to comfort him.

FRANK: Oh baby! Don't be upset. It was a mercy killing. He had a certain naive charm but no muscle.

Frank's speech isn't too comforting, because there is the underlying threat that Frank brought Rocky into this world, too, and he can take him out. As a creation, Rocky isn't free to move about the mansion. He has to do what Frank tells him to do. But hey, at least he can practice his cage dancing while in there.

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