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The Rocky Horror Picture Show Underwear

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Fruit of the Loin

If you have a dream about standing in front of your class in your underwear, you probably feel anxiety, embarrassment, or a host of other uncomfortable emotions. But if you were to actually attend class in your underwear every day, you'd eventually get used to it. Although it's embarrassing at first, it becomes the norm.

That's what happens to Janet and Brad in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Frank strips them down to their skivvies, putting them outside their comfort zone. They're initially uncomfortable, but they soon get used to it, and just when they're used to it, he dresses them again.

FRANK: How nice. And what charming underclothes you both have. But here. Put these on. They'll make you feel less...vulnerable.

He treats them like playthings that he can dress and undress as he pleases. They're just Barbie girls (and Ken guys) in his Barbie world.

On the other cheek, Rocky's born in his underwear, so he never feels embarrassed to be wearing almost nothing. He's like Adam, unashamed of his nakedness, and he never learns the meaning of shame. In that way, Rocky remains innocent inside Frank's little hedonistic Eden.

When attending a Rocky Horror show of your own, your feelings may mimic those of Brad and Janet, especially if you decide to parade around in your own underwear. It's odd at first, but no one judges you for it, so you feel comfortable. In fact, it might feel weird to put clothes back on.

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