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The Rocky Horror Picture Show Dr. Everett V. Scott, A Rival Scientist (Jonathan Adams)

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Dr. Everett V. Scott, A Rival Scientist (Jonathan Adams)

Scott Free

Because Brad already took the obvious joke, we needed a different headline for this section.

BRAD: Great Scott!

Plus, Dr. Scott isn't that great. He's a scientist studying aliens, but he's completely helpless and ineffective. If Dr. Scott showed up at the castle by himself, Frank would have totally had his way with him. And if Janet and Brad needed Dr. Scott to rescue them, they would have been totally out of luck.

Dr. Scott is also looking for his nephew Eddie, but he doesn't seem upset to discover that Eddie's dead. Perhaps this is because he has confirmed the existence of aliens, which is much more important to him than his hoodlum nephew actually was.

If we have to say one good thing about Dr. Scott, it's that his legs look great in fishnets. The doctor has it, and he should flaunt it.

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