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The Rocky Horror Picture Show Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • In the lab, Frank whips Riff Raff for letting Rocky escape while Brad watches.
  • Brad notices Dr. Everett Scott on the security monitor.
  • Frank believes that Dr. Scott's an intruder. Dr. Scott works for the FBI, researching UFOs. Like a mustachioed Fox Mulder.
  • Frank summons Dr. Scott to the laboratory, somehow dragging the man in his wheelchair up the stairs and right through the pink tiled walls of the lab.
  • Frank interrogates Dr. Scott, believing Scott sent in Brad and Janet to do his investigation for him.
  • Dr. Scott assures Frank that he's surprised to see Brad here.
  • Instead, he's looking for Eddie, his nephew. Le gasp!
  • To keep the shocks rolling, Rocky and Janet suddenly emerge, naked except for a red satin sheet.
  • Brad's startled.
  • But before he can confront her, Magenta rings the dinner bell. Hey, even serial cheaters have to eat.

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