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The Rocky Horror Picture Show Scene 15

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Scene 15

Scene 15

  • Janet flees the dining room, pursued by Frank singing, "Planet Schmanet Janet (Wise Up Janet Weiss)."
  • Frank pulls a switch that activates a device that freezes Janet, Brad, and Dr. Scott to the spot.
  • Dr. Scott speculates Frank will use the transducer to teleport them to another planet.
  • "Another planet!" shrieks Janet.
  • "Planet Schmanet, Janet," rebukes Frank. It's a good thing her name rhymes with so many things.
  • Magenta pulls another switch labeled "Medusa Transducer," transforming Brad, Janet, and Dr. Scott into nude marble statues.
  • Columbia freaks out and says she's had enough. She wants Frank to choose between her and Rocky.
  • Frank nods at Magenta, who pulls the switch twice more, transforming Columbia and Rocky into statues. We can only tell Rocky has been transformed into marble because he now looks so much paler.

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