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The Rocky Horror Picture Show Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • The servants undress Brad and Janet to their undies.
  • Janet attempts to resist, but Brad acts like this is totally normal and they should go along with it.
  • In their skivvies, they get into the elevator with the servants, and they all ascend to the lab.
  • The master is waiting in a fetching frock and pearls.
  • He instructs Magenta and Columbia, two of the female servants, to assist Riff Raff, the skeletal male servant.
  • The master gives Brad and Janet lab coats to cover themselves up with.
  • Brad gets angry at the master, because he's putting them through all this weirdness when he only wants to use the phone.
  • The master praises him for being "dominant," then turns his flirtatious skills on Janet, who titters happily at his compliments.
  • Dr. Frankenstein then takes the stage and brags about how he has discovered the secret to life itself.
  • Then he reveals his beautiful creature, which lies on a table underneath a shiny red fabric.
  • The assistants pull back the red fabric, revealing a mummy suspended in a vat of water.
  • Um, we hope it doesn't get soggy in there. We like our mummies crispy.

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