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The Rocky Horror Picture Show Love

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There are a lot of four-letter words in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This ain't your grandma's musical. (Actually, it is your grandma's musical. She was probably in her underpants playing Janet forty years ago. Think about that.)

But back to four-letter words. Everyone knows they should be used sparingly, and the L-word is no different. Brad says he loves Janet. Columbia says she loved Frank. And Eddie, well Eddie loves rock 'n' roll. These people may seem like a strange assortment of weirdoes, but weirdoes need love too.

Questions About Love

  1. What are the consequences of love in The Rocky Horror Picture Show?
  2. Does Rocky Horror differentiate between love and lust?
  3. We detailed a few loves above. What does Frank love? Is Frank able to love another person?
  4. Will Brad and Janet stay engaged?

Chew on This

Because Frank finds it difficult to love other people, he makes it difficult for others to love one another. Frank has no qualms about pulling people apart.

Or you could say that Frank finds it easy to love people. He spreads his love around and sees no need to confine it to one person monogamously.

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