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Rocky Rocky Marciano Poster

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Rocky Marciano Poster

The Namesake

Before Rocky became a blockbuster at the Cineplex, there was the Brockton Blockbuster—Rocky Marciano, the heavyweight champion from 1952 to 1956, when he retired undefeated. (Because why not go out in style?)

We talked about the religious imagery in Rocky, and Rocky is very spiritual, but his love for Rocky Marciano might rival his reverence for Mr. J.C. Rocky keeps a giant poster of Marciano in his apartment, and he looks to it for guidance, much as Rocky prays to God before his fight with Apollo.

Rocky gets festive with his poster, too, decorating Marciano's mug with a Santa beard at Christmastime—have we mentioned how adorable Rocky is? Rocky's adorable.

Basically, Marciano gives Balboa the gift of inspiration to be the greatest… and really rock (badoom ching!) his nickname.

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