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Rocky Scene 1

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Scene 1

Scene 1

  • November 25, 1975: the Rocky theme plays as the camera pans past a mural of Jesus, down to a boxing ring lit by heavenly light.
  • Rocky is in the ring fighting Spider Rico.
  • The bell ding-dings and Rocky collapses into his corner for a break.
  • During the next round, Rocky takes a couple of punches to the face.
  • Balboa's against the ropes! The opponent gives him a vicious headbutt.
  • But Rocky recovers, and pummels the man onto the mat.
  • The crowd goes wild, cheering Rocky's victory.
  • Rocky staggers from the ring, bums a smoke from a guy in the audience, and goes to his locker, where he dons a robe embroidered "The Italian Stallion."
  • Spider Rico, lounging in the corner, says Rocky got lucky.
  • Spider Rico earns about $17 bucks for losing. Rocky gets around forty smackeroos for winning.

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