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Rocky Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • Gazzo asks Rocky if he has money for training expenses, and he gives him an envelope with $500.
  • Then he takes the cigarette out of his mouth and throws it away. He's in training now.
  • Elsewhere, an old guy walks up the stairs… really… really… slowly.
  • Oh, it's Mickey. And he's visiting Rocky's apartment.
  • Mickey tells Rocky he'll only have one shot at the title, so he needs a manager.
  • Who better than the guy who has been bullying him for the whole movie?
  • Mickey offers Rocky all his credentials—a bunch of stitches over one eye, more stitches over the other eye, a nose busted by Sailor Mike. (Not Sailor Moon's brother.)
  • "I needed your help two years ago," Rocky says. He didn't help then, and Rocky doesn't want his help now.
  • Mickey leaves and Rocky yells after him down the stairwell, but then he follows him out into the street and puts his arm around him.
  • They shake hands.

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