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Rocky Scene 19

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Scene 19

Scene 19

  • Rocky checks out the arena where he'll fight Apollo Creed. It's a lot different from the dingy basement where he fought Spider.
  • There's a giant poster of Rocky, and he tells Mr. Jergens that it's wrong. His shorts are the wrong color. (And his face looks like a microwaved potato, but he doesn't comment on that.)
  • Jergens says it doesn't matter. Rocky should go home and get some rest.
  • Rocky returns home, where Adrian is in bed.
  • He tells her that he can't beat Apollo Creed.
  • But he says it doesn't matter if he loses the fight, 'cause all he wants to do is go the distance. Like Hercules. Or Michael Bolton.
  • Rocky just wants to stay standing during the whole fight.
  • Then he'll know he isn't just another bum.

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