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Rocky Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

  • All cleaned up, Rocky walk down a dark street, stopping to check out a puppy in a window.
  • He's a bruiser, but he's sensitive.
  • Men sing acapella around a burning barrel, and Rocky compliments them on his way home.
  • Inside his apartment, Rocky finishes a mostly empty beer bottle.
  • Then he talks to his turtles and his goldfish. (Dude has pet turtles named "Cuff" and "Link." Rocky is adorable.)
  • After chatting up his menagerie, Rocky walks to his mirror, which has an assortment of photos taped up around it.
  • He takes one down of a young boy, and gives it quite the stare. But why?
  • He then lies in bed with some ice over a cut, and broods.

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