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Rocky Scene 3

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Scene 3

Scene 3

  • Rocky talks to Adrian, the woman who works at the pet store.
  • He's irritated because his turtle food has more moths than flies, and the turtles choke on the moths. Once again: Rocky is a sweetheart.
  • He takes a new jar of turtle food, and walks down to the docks, where he drags a man off a forklift.
  • Rocky tells him that Gazzo wants his $200, or Rocky will break his thumbs.
  • So much for Mr. Sensitive Turtle Whisperer.
  • The man only has $130. He offers his coat to make up the difference, but Rocky doesn't want the coat.
  • He takes the $130 and walks away, leaving his thumbs intact.
  • Rocky meets Gazzo and takes his cut.
  • But Gazzo wants to know why Rocky didn't break the man's thumbs.
  • Rocky says he might have lost his job if he broke his thumbs, then he wouldn't be able to pay anything. Hey, he has a point.
  • That's not good enough for Gazzo. He wants Rocky to do what he tells him to do.
  • After Gazzo drives away, Rocky yells "Shoulda broke your thumbs!"
  • Cue moody piano music as Rocky walks away.

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