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Rocky Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • At the tavern he talks to Paulie, Adrian's sister, wondering why she gives him the cold shoulder.
  • Paulie says she's a "loser." She's thirty (an old maid) and she'll be #dyingalone.
  • But he invites Rocky over for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.
  • Rocky sits at the bar and watches TV.
  • Heavyweight champion Apollo Creed is talking to the news, telling kids to "stay in school."
  • The bartender says Creed is a "clown."
  • Rocky is insulted that he would talk about the champion that way.
  • On the way home, Rocky drags a bratty girl in pigtails away from her hooligan friends.
  • He tells her if she keeps acting this way, she'll end up being a "whore."
  • He walks her home, and she thanks him for his advice: "Screw you, creep-o."
  • For the fourth or fifth time in twenty minutes, Rocky walks sadly away into the distance.

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