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Rocky Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • Apollo Creed is upset that his opponent has broken his hand.
  • The big fight of the century might be canceled.
  • Creed demands his promoter find another worthwhile contender be found.
  • Creed recommends a newcomer, to show how sentimental he is, giving a local Philadelphia boy a shot at the big time.
  • Rocky, with his glasses on and his little notebook, writes down how much Gazzo wants him to collect from two different people.
  • Gazzo gives Rocky a $50 bonus so that he and Adrian can have a good time whenever they have a date. Meanwhile, in a plush office, Apollo Creed tries to find out who he should fight.
  • He has a little hardbound book, like the Yellow Pages for boxers.
  • Letting his fingers do the walking, Creed finds The Italian Stallion. That's who he wants to fight.

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