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Rocky Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • Paulie tells Rocky that Adrian likes to ice skate.
  • He takes her to the skating rink, but the guy on the Zamboni says they're closed.
  • Rocky says he'll "smooth this guy out." (But he's on a Zamboni. He's the one doing the smoothing. Hey-o!)
  • The guy makes a deal with Rocky—ten minutes for ten bucks.
  • She skates while Rocky walks beside her on the ice.
  • Rocky explains to Adrian what a southpaw is, and he shows her his trick finger.
  • She asks him why he wants to fight.
  • "Because I can't sing or dance." Hey-o, again.
  • Their ten minutes is up.
  • Walking the streets, Rocky tells Adrian that it doesn't bother him that she's shy.
  • "I'm dumb. You're shy," he says. They'd make a perfect couple.
  • But she still doesn't understand why he wants to be a fighter.
  • He says it's because he's a moron and "half a bum." That's quite the OKCupid profile he's building.
  • He has a good nose, though. It's never been broken, and he's proud of it.
  • He invites her into his apartment to look at his turtles. Not a euphemism.

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