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Rocky Dissatisfaction

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It stinks to lose. And it stinks even more to lose so many times that you get branded with a permanent '90s throwback L on your forehead. For loser.

Rocky is a loser for most of the movie, but he's a lovable loser. Still, just because a loser is lovable doesn't mean he loves being a loser. Rocky wants to be a winner, and he gets to be a winner at the end by going the distance with Apollo… and losing. Even by losing, Rocky wins.

Questions About Dissatisfaction

  1. Is Rocky dissatisfied because he is a loser, or does he lose because he is dissatisfied with his life?
  2. Why are Paulie and Adrian dissatisfied with their living arrangement?
  3. Do you think Apollo is satisfied with the verdict of the fight? Or has his reputation been damaged by almost being beaten by Rocky?

Chew on This

Rocky's life is so in the dumps, he's only able to get out because of a lucky break. And because he is so desperate for a change, he makes the best out of his opportunity.

Even though they are dissatisfied with their own lives, Rocky and Adrian are drawn to each other because they don't care if the other person doesn't change.

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