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Sabrina Point of View

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Point of View

POV As The Story Needs

Wilder believed in good old-fashioned, straightforward Hollywood films; he doesn't do a whole lot of trickery with point of view. Instead, you get the kind of blunt storytelling you'd expect from a fairytale—which is fitting in this 20th Century version of Cinderella.

For the most part, you follow Sabrina's perspective, since she's the star (and watching Audrey Hepburn is always breathtaking).

But you also follow Linus at times, when he does important things Sabrina wouldn't know about (like plotting to seduce her). Every so often you get David's perspective, too… like when he's getting glass pulled out of his butt and moaning because he can't go to the tennis court where Linus is romancing Sabrina.

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