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Sabrina What's Up With the Ending?

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What's Up With the Ending?

Sabrina ends the way romantic comedies usually end; with the separated lovers reunited and one half of the loving couple foisting his umbrella off on an unsuspecting boat passenger.

Hmm. Okay, not all great love stories end with weird passive-aggressive umbrella gifting, but almost all rom coms have the two sweetie-pies getting together.

There is one odd bit at the very end: Sabrina stands up; the two embrace. But—they don't kiss. Instead they hug.

This is—depending on if you heart or hate Sabrina—either great or weird. If you love Sabrina, you probably see this hug as indicative of a deep affection. Anyone can lock lips during a one night stand, but a good squeezy hug is indicative of some serious feels.

Or, if you've been drinking the Haterade, you might think that this scene just screams "We have zero chemistry!" A hug? You hug your dad. You hug your dog. You hug your grandma. You hug strangers partying on the street after your team wins the Superbowl. There's a reason that kiss = x and hug = o: a hug is a big zero.

But we'll leave it to you: is this ending sweet or lacking?

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