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Sabrina Fandoms

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Sabrina is old, and fandoms for old pop culture are thin on the ground. Billy Wilder is a favorite of film snobs, but most people haven't heard of him. (Billy? He's wilder than who now?)

But Audrey Hepburn is a different story.

Hepburn, who played Sabrina, remains an icon of sophistication and glamour. There are lots and lots of fan sites devoted to her, chock full of pictures, news gossip, and more pictures. Hepburn was especially known for her fashion sense, and anytime she wore anything, someone took a picture… and years later, someone else uploaded that picture to the internet.

Hepburn doesn't have as active a fandom as current stars. But still, for someone who died in 1993, people are still eager to look at pretty pictures of her and her iconic Givenchy gowns.

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