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Sabrina Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • Sabrina is twirling around in Linus' chair at his office, pretending to be a big board president.
  • Her little black dress, with the black cap, is probably one of the most famous outfits in cinema history.
  • The plunging triangle back is particularly famous.
  • Linus walks in with drinks. He seems stiff and weird.
  • Sabrina asks Linus if the ledge outside his office is the one that he almost leaped off of. He doesn't know what she's talking about at first… which probably means he made the whole story up because he's a cad.
  • Linus says he's going to be on a boat to Paris.
  • Sabrina says she's glad for him, but then Sabrina isn't sure she's glad for him. Maybe she wants to keep him around for herself.
  • They go off to dinner. Sabrina tells him what he should do in Paris.
  • They dance.
  • She's falling in love with him. Is he falling in love with her, or just acting?
  • Linus flirts with her. Again, she looks rather disturbed.
  • They're driving back home, and Sabrina sings "La Vie En Rose".
  • She adjusts Linus' hat and tells him he can't carry briefcases or umbrellas in Paris.
  • Linus almost asks her to come with him to Paris, though he's a bit shy about it, as you should be if you're trying to steal your brother's girlfriend.
  • Sabrina sings again, and they arrive home.
  • David is waiting up for them.
  • Sabrina is very reserved and embarrassed.
  • David says he's going to heal up shortly.
  • Linus says he and Sabrina will go out again the next day, and after that David should be healed.
  • Sabrina asks David to kiss her; she's trying not to be in love with Linus.
  • Sabrina and David kiss. She tells him she doesn't want to go out with Linus.
  • David says she should go out with Linus in order to keep him on their side.
  • Sabrina looks tragic. Poor Sabrina.

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