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Sabrina Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

  • Sabrina is in the Larrabee lobby, gripped with indecision. (Note the little quotation from "Yes, We Have No Bananas" in the background music; that's a sign that Sabrina is thinking of Linus, since they listened to that together.)
  • Sabrina almost goes to the elevator, then changes her mind, and calls up from the pay phone in the lobby.
  • Linus is upstairs pacing back and forth in his darkened office.
  • He answers the phone, and Sabrina says she can't see him. Then she admits she's in the lobby of the building.
  • Linus tells her to explain the situation to him. Then he puts the phone down and sneaks downstairs to see her.
  • Basically he's always lying to her. This is not a good way to build a solid relationship.
  • Anyway, Linus appears at the phone booth downstairs, then he brings Sabrina up to the office.
  • Nice long shot of Sabrina framed in the dark against the doorway across Linus' office. It's like she's part of his furniture.
  • Linus turns on the lights, then she tells him to turn them off.
  • They cancel theater tickets and decide to eat in the office… though there's not a whole lot to eat.
  • Sabrina takes her coat off. She's in a kind of black pants suit; it looks like a gym outfit. Notice that the V triangle back on the blouse is similar to the backing of the little black dress.
  • The clothes emphasizes her boyish figure… and again, it's a very distinctive outfit.
  • She starts to cry; Linus seems upset.
  • She walks up to the border of telling Linus she's fallen out of love with David and in love with him.
  • But then she recovers and starts to make dinner.
  • Linus looks very thoughtful and sad. Maybe it's the bow tie.
  • Sabrina finds the tickets on the table and is elated that Linus wanted her to take her to Paris.
  • Linus admits he wasn't going to take her to Paris, but was going to send her alone.
  • He finally reveals he's a total jerk and was just manipulating her to get her away from David.
  • Sabrina is understandably upset. Linus tries to justify himself by pointing to all the money he was going to give her. Not really the best move.
  • So Sabrina takes one of the tickets and leaves.
  • Nice dramatic shot of Linus through several sets of doors. He's at the far end of the office, seeming further and further away as Sabrina leaves.

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