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Sabrina Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • Next morning; Ms. McCardle comes in to the office to find Linus shaving.
  • Miss McCardle said she had a bad night; Linus said he did too.
  • Linus then tells her they're cancelling the Larrabee plastics merger.
  • He tells her to call a meeting to call off the wedding.
  • And he tells her to transfer the boat ticket to David's name. He wants David to go with Sabrina (but he hasn't been able to get in touch with him).
  • David comes in; he says his stitches are out.
  • Linus says that David is going to Paris with Sabrina. David doesn't seem super impressed.
  • They send Miss McCardle out.
  • Linus doesn't know why David is upset; David explains that he saw Sabrina the previous night, and she kissed him in a way that meant "goodbye". Also she was crying.
  • David says he's figured out Linus' scheme and then hits him. Which seems reasonable—Linus got him stitches in his butt and then stole his girlfriend.
  • Linus encourages David to get on the boat to Paris and says he is going to call off the wedding.
  • David goes to get on the boat, but before he does he points out that Linus is in love with Sabrina and should go to Paris with her himself.
  • That's another shot across the office of an isolated figure, as the door closes on David.
  • Wilder loved those shots across the office.

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