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Sabrina Scene 15

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Scene 15

Scene 15

  • Back in Linus' office, the board and Elizabeth and Oliver are all gathered. Miss McCardle brings the smelling salts.
  • They're all waiting for David. Linus looks out, sees the boat has gone, and starts the meeting.
  • Everyone asks, "What about David?"
  • Linus starts to gear up to explain that David has run away with anther woman and the wedding is off and the deal is off.
  • But before he can get to the point, David appears, with an umbrella no less (remember, umbrellas mean boring people who are not going to Paris.)
  • David seems awfully chipper about the whole thing. He points out that the papers say that Linus has gone to Paris on the ship.
  • He starts to say that Sabrina is a gold-digger, so Linus decks him.
  • David cheerfully declares that he was just helping Linus to see that he's in love with Sabrina.
  • He tells Linus he's arranged for a tugboat to get him to the boat.
  • And he throws him the umbrella for him to go to catch Sabrina.
  • Oliver decides to run the meeting since Linus is gone, but he sits down and it turns out he's put a container of olives in his back pocket, which breaks and cuts his butt.

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