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Sabrina Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

  • David pulls up outside the Larrabee Industries offices in New York.
  • He marches in to see Linus.
  • Miss McCardle tells him Linus can't see him because he's in a meeting about a plastics deal, but David barges in anyway.
  • Linus sends out the folks he's meeting with. David shouts at him about the wedding announcement in the paper.
  • David didn't know he was marrying Elizabeth Tyson, it turns out. It's disturbing to find that sort of thing out from the paper.
  • Linus starts shooting pistols at plastic to demonstrate how cool the plastic is.
  • Linus is kind of a thoughtless jerk.
  • David says he's not going to marry Elizabeth, because he's bad at marriage (he's tried three times, so he's had experience).
  • Linus says that the family wants him to marry Elizabeth.
  • The new super plastic is made of sugar. Elizabeth's family is in the sugar business.
  • David tells Linus to marry Elizabeth himself; Linus says he's too wrapped up with business.
  • Linus says he's not in business for money or power, but to better humanity by providing needed goods and services and jobs.
  • Now David feels bad about rejecting Elizabeth; he's got to marry her to help the poor.
  • Maybe he could just give them money instead? Seems like everyone would be happier.

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