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Sabrina Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • Back in Paris, supposedly (again, there's some Paris scenery through the window).
  • Sabrina's writing a letter about how she loves Paris, and how she's had a great time for two years.
  • Sabrina says someone is playing "La Vie En Rose", a song that shows up throughout the film.
  • She says she's learned not just about cooking, but also about life and love.
  • By the way, she's got a short haircut. Very chic.
  • And dissolve to Sabrina waiting at the Long Island station for her father to pick her up. She's dressed very stylishly, and has a little dog as well. (Little dogs are stylish too.)
  • David drives up (whistling "Isn't It Romantic?").
  • He falls in love/lust with Sabrina at first glance… but he doesn't recognize her.
  • He offers her a ride home.
  • Sabrina is delighted that he doesn't recognize her.
  • Sabrina has named her dog David. That's a little creepy.
  • On the car ride, David tries to figure out who she is. He's kind of a dim bulb.
  • They get to the garage, and the servants come out to hug her.
  • David still looks befuddled.
  • Thomas drives up and apologizes for missing her at the station. He had to take Mrs. Larrabee to the hairdresser. (It seems pretty jerky that he couldn't take a minute to himself to collect his own daughter.)
  • David finally knows who she is; she's carrying the dog named after him.
  • David offers to take her to dinner and dancing in New York.
  • Then David remembers they have a house party. He's not so sure having Sabrina there would be a good idea, but she insists, and he's putty in her paws.
  • Linus shows up and is much less taken with Sabrina; he's worried David will fall for her and they'll have to pay her off.
  • Sabrina opens gifts she brought for her father.
  • Her father tells her David is engaged; Sabrina says she knew already. She figures she can win him anyway.
  • That's how they do it in Paris, apparently.

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