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Sabrina Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • We're at the ball at the Larrabee house.
  • David is dancing with Elizabeth Tyson; she's all bubbly about their honeymoon and even refers enthusiastically to how much she wants to have sex with David after their marriage.
  • He's totally uninterested and distracted. He's waiting for Sabrina.
  • David catches sight of Sabrina in a white gown with flowers.
  • Lots of other people catch sight of her too; there's much excitement.
  • David bumps into another couple and gets a drink spilled on Elizabeth in order to get her out of the way so he can go to Sabrina.
  • David gets to Sabrina and the two of them dance. Elizabeth's mother and David's mother are not pleased.
  • A servant rushes off to get the other servants and let them know David and Sabrina are dancing.
  • Thomas isn't happy about it, but everyone else is excited about her success.
  • The servants scurry up to see.
  • Mrs. Larrabee didn't recognize Sabrina either; she is extremely displeased to find out David is taken with the chauffeur's daughter.
  • Mrs. Larrabee tells her husband, Oliver, and Linus.
  • Linus notices Elizabeth coming back and intercepts her before she can see David dancing with Sabrina.
  • David and Sabrina agree to meet at the tennis court for champagne and kissing. (Sabrina suggests it; she knows all of David's moves.)
  • And he'll have the orchestra play "Isn't It Romantic?" like he always does.
  • David goes to get champagne and then puts the champagne glasses in his pocket. Linus sees him do it. Big plot point there.
  • Linus tells David that their dad, Oliver, wants to see him.
  • David tries to get away to Sabrina at the tennis court, but can't quite manage it… so off to see dad he goes.
  • Oliver is angry that David is consorting with a servant's daughter.
  • Linus sees the champagne glasses in David's pocket and gets a horrible idea.
  • Oliver starts reminding David of his three disastrous marriages.
  • Linus surprisingly takes David's side, and says David should marry Sabrina if he wants to.
  • Linus encourages David to sit down… and of course that means that he sits on the champagne glasses in his pocket.
  • So David tricked Linus into seriously injuring himself. Haha, isn't that cute?
  • It's not really cute. Linus is horrible.
  • And cut to Sabrina on the tennis court, dancing alone to "Isn't It Romantic?"
  • She climbs the umpire's chair in an excess of high spirits to wait for David.
  • Then she sees Linus come in with champagne.
  • She's disappointed.
  • Linus tells her David's in love with her despite his engagement, she says she's in love with David.
  • Linus says he doesn't object… but he does try to buy her off.
  • It doesn't work though; she's the heroine. She can't be bought.
  • "Isn't It Romantic?" starts up again. Linus offers to dance it with her.
  • And back at the house a doctor is pulling glass out of David's butt. He is sad, both because of his butt and because of Sabrina.
  • Linus kisses her and says "It's all in the family." Sabrina looks seriously freaked out, as you might if some guy older than your dad made a pass at you.
  • This is halfway into the film and the main romance is just getting started.
  • Billy Wilder puts his movies together a little oddly.

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