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Sabrina Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • Sabrina and Linus are on the boat; they listen to some music on Linus' old phonograph.
  • Linus tells Sabrina that one tune reminds him of a lost love.
  • Not clear if it really does or if he's just trying to make himself look deep so he can steal Sabrina from David and then dump her.
  • He says he almost leaped off a ledge for love… did he? Or is he just putting her on?
  • Sabrina says Linus should go to Paris (he was only there once while changing planes).
  • It's evening and Linus and Sabrina come home.
  • Thomas greets her; Sabrina asks him what he knows about Linus.
  • She says Linus is "rather nice" and "quite human."

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