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Sabrina Society and Class

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Society and Class

Sabrina is a Cinderella riff about a poor girl marrying a rich prince. But…is Sabrina really that poor? Yes, her dad's a chauffeur, but he has the wherewithal to send her to Paris to study cooking for two years. He has money to support her in the latest fashions, too, it seems like—unless the Baron bought her wardrobe.

Either way, even before she marries David (or Linus) she's got substantial means. The Larrabees are much richer, but they aren't lifting her out of destitution, as in Cinderella. Class barriers may be unimportant, but the film (unlike the fairy tale it's based on) is unwilling to make its heroine too, too poor. There are limits to what love can overcome, maybe.

Questions About Society and Class

  1. Does David fail to notice Sabrina at first because of their class difference? Explain your answer.
  2. Is wealth a bad thing in Sabrina? Explain your answer.
  3. What does Sabrina's father fear will happen to her if she dates David? Is he correct?

Chew on This

Sabrina is punished for falling in love with someone so much wealthier than herself.

Sabrina is rewarded for falling in love with someone so much wealthier than herself.

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