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Schindler's List Production Studio

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Production Studio

Amblin Entertainment

Universal Pictures—they of the classic movie monsters and former "Ask for Babs" tagline—acted as the distributors for Schindler's List, but Amblin Entertainment is the actual production company. You probably recognize the logo—it's the famous shot of Elliott and E.T. riding across the moon—but the "Amblin" part may leave you wonderin'. It's the title of the very first Steven Spielberg film to see a commercial release. He was 22 at the time.

Amblin serves as Big Steve's personal production company. Spielberg formed it along with his producing partners Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall. With the immense success of Jaws, Close Encounters and Raiders of the Lost Ark (and despite the immense non-success of 1941), Spielberg had the clout to do it. Amblin has since produced nearly all of Spielberg's directorial efforts. It's also behind the TV shows he's produced, films he's financed, and films by directors who officially appear on his Good Buddies list like Robert Zemekis, Joe Dante and Don Bluth.

It's still going strong today, producing the likes of Bridge of Spies and Ready Player One. As long as Mr. Spielberg keeps making movies, it looks likes Amblin's going to be around to make sure they get made.

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