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Schindler's List Scene 15

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Scene 15

Scene 15

  • Schindler's getting dressed for another party, while in another scene Goeth explains to his camp supervisors the incredible service the Nazis are providing the world by exterminating the Jews of Europe. They're making history.
  • The scene changes to show Jewish families in their small hovels in the ghetto, also getting dressed. Goeth is coming for them.
  • The ghetto is going to be liquidated, i.e., everyone removed and sent to camps. Their days of being human beings are over.
  • As soldiers assemble, Oskar and another random woman are out riding and come upon the tragic scene unfolding in the ghetto below.
  • It's total chaos.
  • Jewish families huddle together, swallowing valuables and preparing to be ripped from their homes. Everyone is terrified.
  • People are shot on sight for no apparent reason at all.
  • Apartments are destroyed as the Nazis search for every last Jew.
  • A doctor euthanizes his patients before the Nazi soldiers arrive to ensure a death without pain or humiliation.
  • Men and women are pulled apart as they assemble in the streets.
  • Some of the workers we've grown to know try to hide to avoid being murdered.
  • Oskar sits on his horse and watches as a small girl in a red coat wanders among the murder and mayhem of the ghetto liquidation.
  • Her coat stands out in this black-and-white film.
  • His companion begs him to leave, but Oskar can't look away.
  • He finally relents, and we watch as the little girl in the red coat slips under a bed to hide. Soldiers continue their search for every single Jew in the ghetto.
  • The ones who managed to hide until now are shot immediately, even the children.
  • Feverish piano music plays along with the blasts of gunfire as the ghetto is emptied.
  • The factory is empty. No Jews left to work.

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