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Schindler's List Scene 21

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Scene 21

Scene 21

  • Stern and Oskar are together again, this time to get that kid out of the camp.
  • Each time, Oskar's given a personal belonging to Stern in order to bribe whatever Kapo (Jewish "prisoner functionary") needs to be convinced to transfer a name to Oskar's list of workers for his factory.
  • A beautiful girl nervously tries to see Schindler. Oskar looks her over, and refuses to see her.
  • The girl returns again, with makeup and a more revealing dress this time. This gets her into his office.
  • She tells him that he's becoming a legend of goodness in this dark world.
  • She tells Oskar about her parents, and begs him to get them out of the camp to work at his factory.
  • Oskar threatens the girl, who runs terrified from the office.
  • Oskar visits Stern and vents his frustration. It's dangerous for him to be rescuing Jews.
  • He tries to justify Goeth's sadism. You know, all the pressure of running a forced labor camp has Goeth a little irritable, that's all.
  • Stern describes some of Goeth's more charming behavior at the camp. Oh.
  • Oskar gives Stern the names that the girl asked him to save. His expensive watch will serve as payment.
  • The girl sees her mother and father delivered to the relative safety of Oskar's enamelworks factory.

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