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Schindler's List Scene 23

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Scene 23

Scene 23

  • Oskar and Goeth share a private moment on the balcony. Goeth is falling-down drunk.
  • He complains about his desire for power. Oskar tries to manipulate Goeth into believing that true power comes from the ability to grant mercy.
  • Nazi auditors come into Goeth's home, checking his books.
  • He's angry, and walks in to see his saddle on the floor of his horse's stall.
  • He's furious, but forgives the Jewish boy who presumably dropped the saddle, and goes about his day.
  • Goeth rides his horse through the camp like a magnanimous emperor, excusing minor infractions.
  • He returns home to a dirty bathtub and the terrified Jewish boy. He goes for his rifle as the boy walks away for the night back to the camp.
  • One, two shots to hit the boy square, as Stern quietly and calmly walks past the boy's lifeless corpse on his own return to his barracks inside the camp.
  • So much for mercy.

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