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Schindler's List Scene 24

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Scene 24

Scene 24

  • Helen gives Goeth a manicure. He leans in to be close to her and gazes possessively at her.
  • The scene cuts to the barracks where a Jewish couple is getting married.
  • Back to Goeth, gazing down on his camp.
  • A woman sings at a club where Oskar's enjoying his evening.
  • Goeth goes to Helen in her cellar and begins to compliment her. He's getting more sexually aroused by her every second.
  • Helen stands in the darkness, trembling with fear. The action of the club mirrors the actions in Goeth's cellar.
  • Suddenly Goeth's attitude changes, and he accuses Helen of trying to seduce him, then proceeds to beat her mercilessly. The idea that he's attracted to a Jewish woman is intolerable to him.
  • He's plain crazy, we're beginning to understand.
  • Cut to a birthday party for Oskar. Everyone's pretty drunk. Goeth and some other SS men are there, as well as a couple of Oskar's girlfriends.
  • Two of the female workers bring a cake that they made for him.
  • Oskar kisses the older girl on the lips.
  • The guests are shocked. It's illegal for a gentile to kiss a Jew.

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