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Schindler's List Scene 28

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Scene 28

Scene 28

  • The sky is raining ash. It's the ash of burning bodies.
  • There's a mountain of burning bodies of 10,000 Jews exhumed from mass graves, Jews who were killed during the liquidation of the Krakow ghetto and at Goeth's camp in Plaszow.
  • It's a horrific scene. Wheelbarrows full of decomposing bodies are dumped into pits to be incinerated. The stench is overwhelming.
  • Goeth's feeling sorry for himself because they're closing down his camp and transporting everyone to Auschwitz.
  • In a pile of bodies in one of the wheelbarrows, Oskar sees the red coat on the body of the girl he saw all those months ago in the ghetto. Once again, the little red coat stands out in the B/W film.
  • Oskar and Stern discuss the fate that's coming for them. Oskar's workers will be sent to the camps, and that will be the end of the factory.
  • Oskar tries to convince Stern that he'll get him special treatment and he won't be sent to Auschwitz.
  • Stern's not hopeful.
  • Stern continues to offer business advice to Oskar and finally agrees to share a drink with him.
  • Oskar's packing his belongings to go back to Czechoslovakia when he has second thoughts about it.
  • In fact, he starts thinking about how he might be able to use his huge fortune to save as many Jews as he can.

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