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Schindler's List Scene 30

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Scene 30

Scene 30

  • Oskar's Jews are pulled from the camp and loaded onto trains. The men arrive safely at Oskar's new factory in his home town in Czechoslovakia. The women aren't so lucky.
  • Through someone's error, they're put on the train to Auschwitz.
  • The giant train pulls into the gates of Auschwitz.
  • The women quietly follow orders.
  • We cut to Oskar, who's discovered that there was a mistake, that the women's train had not arrived at the factory.
  • In Auschwitz, the women are put through the preparation for the bath house, which we've already learned doubles as a gas chamber. Luckily, only water comes out of the showerheads today.
  • As the women leave, we get to see where the gas chambers are and watch the people being marched to them.
  • Josef Mengele, the butcher doctor of Auschwitz, strolls among the group of girls.
  • One of the women explains that they're Schindler's Jews. Mengele's not impressed.
  • Oskar travels to the camp and offers a substantial bribe to get the girls out of Auschwitz. After some delicate bartering and negotiation, the women are loaded onto trains to Czechoslovakia.
  • A guard starts grabbing the daughters away from their mothers.
  • Oskar stops them. He explains that he needs the children's small fingers to polish the insides of shell casings.
  • Oskar returns with the women he's managed to rescue.

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