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Schindler's List Scene 31

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Scene 31

Scene 31

  • Oskar explains to the Germans how things are going to work at this new factory. No executions, no guards on the factory floor, and the prisoners are to be left alone.
  • Oskar softens the blow with free booze for the German guards.
  • Oskar's wife agrees to come to the factory and work in his clinic.
  • Stern explains that they're losing money because the shells they produce are all defective.
  • Oskar explains that he never wants to produce a single shell that can actually fire.
  • Oskar finds a rabbi and tells him to stop work to prepare for the Sabbath.
  • The men are gathered in a group of ten, the number needed for a proper Jewish service.
  • The candles are lit, and the sound of Hebrew chanting is heard echoing through the enamelworks factory.

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