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Seven Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • It's Thursday.
  • The men fell asleep on the sofa at the station. The captain wakes them up. The computer found a match for the prints.
  • The man's name is Theodore Allen, but he goes by Victor. He was raised Southern Baptist.
  • Round up the troops! A whole herd of police officers get ready to snag this guy, but Somerset and Mills wonder if it's even the right guy. We're only 48 minutes into the movie, so we're gonna bet no.
  • In the car, Mills asks Somerset if he's ever been shot. He hasn't, and he's only pulled his gun three times but never shot it.
  • Mills says he's shot his gun, but he's never been on the receiving end.
  • A crazy junkie opened first and shot another cop, who died in the ambulance. Mills can't remember his name.

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