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Seven Scene 15

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Scene 15

Scene 15

  • We have four sins left: envy, wrath, pride, and lust.
  • Somerset and Mills speculate about the case. Somerset believes the killer intended for them to find Victor a year to the day after he was restrained.
  • They go to the library, and with a hammer and chisel on a stone tablet, i.e., a continuous feed printer, they print out a list of books the killer might be interested in.
  • At a greasy pizza parlor, Somerset pays a guy under the table—literally—but he won't tell Mills what for.
  • Later, he relents. The guy at the pizza parlor works for the FBI, which is hooked up to the library system and is "monitoring reading habits."
  • With this info, they can track someone with their library card.
  • The FBI comes in with a packet and gives it to Somerset.
  • They open it in the car. It contains a list of people who have checked out these and other books.
  • "Of Human Bondage?" Mills asks. "Not what you're thinking," Somerset says.
  • One of the guys on the list is named Jonathan Doe. Literally John Doe.
  • Off to John Doe's apartment.

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