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Seven Scene 17

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Scene 17

Scene 17

  • Mills is angry. He's not letting this setback stop him.
  • He stomps back up to John Doe's apartment and forces his way in, even though Somerset insists they need a warrant first.
  • To make it official, they pay a homeless woman to give a statement to the cops, saying she called Detective Somerset "because this guy was looking creepy and s***."
  • John Doe's apartment is creepy, y'all. There's a big red neon cross on a wall above a bed, creepy crime scene photos, drawers full of pill bottles, and a room with about 17 (estimated) deadbolts on it.
  • He even has little cabinets memorializing each crime. Spaghetti sauce, Victor's hand. Ah, memories!
  • There's also a picture of a woman in a fur coat. We don't yet know her.
  • Somerset finds composition books filled with writing.
  • Suddenly, Mills yells out Somerset's name. In John Doe's makeshift darkroom, there's a picture of Mills. John Doe was the photographer.
  • Oh, this is not going to be good.

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