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Seven Scene 23

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Scene 23

Scene 23

  • Somerset has decided not to retire just yet. He wants to see the case out until the end.
  • As they head into the Fourteenth Precinct, we see a cab let a man out, and the man follow them in.
  • The man has blood on his shirt, and he quietly says, "Detective. Detective," before shrieking, "Detective!"
  • It's a police station, so this is like yelling "Mommy" at a park, but Mills turns around and sees the blood-splattered man.
  • Mills pulls his gun on the man and forces him to the ground, on his stomach.
  • An officer handcuffs him, and they try to take his fingerprints, but they can't. He has cut the skin off the tips of his fingers.
  • Meanwhile, Doe is calmly dipping a tea bag into a cup of hot water.
  • Mills doesn't understand how this nutcase would just turn himself in, and Somerset agrees. Doe is two murders away from finishing his "masterpiece."

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