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Seven Scene 25

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Scene 25

Scene 25

  • Somerset and Mills are wired, suited up in Kevlar, and ready to escort John Doe to the alleged bodies.
  • In the car, Somerset wants to know more about John Doe, but Doe says it doesn't matter who he is.
  • Doe believes that his "work" is special, but Mills antagonizes him, saying that his "work" won't amount to anything.
  • As they continue to drive, Doe bobs around in the backseat, excited like a kid about to get some ice cream.
  • Mills asks Doe if he knows he's insane.
  • Doe says he did not choose, he "was chosen."
  • Somerset says if Doe was indeed chosen, he wouldn't enjoy the killings.
  • Doe doesn't think he's any different from them because he thinks Mills would enjoy hurting him if he could get away with it without consequences.
  • Doe also swears that none of his victims—a shady lawyer, a drug dealer, and a "disease-spreading whore," among others—were "innocent."
  • He can't believe people just tolerate sin now, instead of doing something about it. So, he had to set an example.
  • Doe taunts Mills, saying they would never have caught him if he hadn't turned himself in.
  • Also, he reminds him that he didn't kill Mills when he could have. "I spared you."
  • This makes Mills angry. Wrathful, even, you might say.
  • Finally, they reach their destination in the middle of nowhere, which is just a cluster of electrical towers and power lines.

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