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Seven Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • Back at the PD, the captain tells Somerset about the murder, including the word "greed."
  • The captain asks Somerset what he's going to do after retiring. He doesn't think Somerset will leave.
  • Somerset wants to go work on a farm, though. He can't wait to get out of the city.
  • Oh, the captain has a surprise—a vial of plastic pieces found in Jabba's belly. "They were fed to him," he says as he leaves. Dramatic music!
  • Somerset returns to the fat guy's crime scene, which is no cleaner than when he left it.
  • He peeps in the fridge but notices something under the fridge—pieces of the floor have been gouged out.
  • The plastic from the vial fits the linoleum gouges.
  • Somerset slides back the fridge—and behind it, written in grease on the wall, is the word "gluttony," with a note.
  • Back at the station, Mills gives the captain the note, which says, "Long is the way, and hard; that out of Hell leads up to Light."
  • Somerset says it's from Paradise Lost, and that means this is just the beginning.
  • So far, we've had greed and gluttony. The other sins are sloth, wrath, pride, lust, and envy.
  • Mills is excited to be on this case.

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