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Seven Dissatisfaction

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It's not a good feeling to dislike where you live. Maybe it's too loud, too crowded, or too hard to meet people. Or, maybe you just hate everyone around you so much that you want to kill them all. Or, maybe there's a crazy serial killer on the loose, killing people according to a specific, insane methodology. Or, maybe a delivery person brings you your wife's head in a box, and, worst of all, delivers it late.

What's a guy to do when he just starts to hate a particular location? There doesn't seem to be a good answer in Seven.

Questions About Dissatisfaction

  1. What is Somerset most dissatisfied about with the city? Could anything change that would convince him to stay?
  2. Why doesn't Tracy like the city? What would her home life be like if she had lived? Would she have kept the baby?
  3. Why doesn't Somerset think Mills is fit to be on the case at the beginning of the movie? What changes his mind?

Chew on This

Both Mills and John Doe are disappointed with humanity's apathy, but they decide to remedy it in different ways.

Mills is disappointed that Somerset has basically given up wanting to truly help people. He changes Somerset's mind at the end, but not in the way anyone would have wanted him to.

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