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Shakespeare in Love Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • At the theatre, all the actors dance with one another.
  • A woman is pretending to be a man to play Romeo, and a man is playing Juliet. Crazy.
  • Ned Alleyn yells at Viola, err… "Thomas," that she… err, he is dancing too femininely.
  • Will arrives and Alleyn talks to him about his character, Mercutio.
  • Alleyn likes the speech, but not that he disappears for most of the play.
  • Will delivers Alleyn new scenes for his character, Mercutio. Very dramatic stuff—a speech, a swordfight.
  • But then he dies. Hmm. Alleyn isn't sure how he feels about dying.
  • In the evening, Will joins Thomas on a boat. Thomas delivers the break-up note from Viola (remember: Thomas is Viola)
  • Will asks Thomas for advice, and Thomas tells him to do what she says.
  • He doesn't want to. He loves her, "Like a sickness, and like its cure together."
  • He talks about how gorgeous her eyes and lips are… while looking directly at her eyes and lips and not seeming to realize it.
  • And he talks about her amazing her bosom is, too (guytalk has not changed since the 16th century it seems).
  • Thomas says that Will and Viola can't marry because of class differences.
  • He says that's a load of hooey, and he will defy Wessex to marry her.
  • So Thomas kisses him.
  • He's in shock as the boat docks at Viola's estate, and the dockworker greets Thomas as "my lady."
  • Finally, Will realizes that Thomas is Viola.

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