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Shakespeare in Love Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • The actor's practice Will's new scenes.
  • "Thomas" misses a line while gazing lovingly at Will, and Ned yells at him.
  • Then Will gets a little jealous when Romeo kisses Juliet, so he steps in to kiss Romeo himself.
  • As the actors practice, Will and "Thomas" find time to sneak away and make out whenever possible.
  • Inspired, Will returns to his room for more writing. "What light through yonder window breaks…"
  • That night, Viola reads the new text and she loves it.
  • It's time for a montage of acting, writing, and doin' it—not all at the same time. No one wants ink stains on the sheets.
  • Everyone watching (the acting, not the lovemaking) is enraptured.
  • Backstage, Ned confronts Will about his minimized role in the play…
  • He's fine with it, because the play is good. And he suggests a new title: Romeo and Juliet. We guess that as an okay ring to it.

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